Stunning and fabulous filters for the photos. Add 100 independent layers while editing photos. This widely used apps has 17 different languages to use while running them on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This massive collection of photo editing tools with 16 different languages will let you operate it on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The 3G iPhone and iPad app will work from anywhere you can get a 3G connections. No matter whether you are using iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can work with this app if you have iOS 11.0 or later. This iPhone photo editor which is also compatible with iPad and iPod touch can be operated with thirteen different languages and requires iPS 11.1 or later. This one of the best photo editing apps for iPhone requires iOS 10.0 or later and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Selecting photos, scale, position, rotate, duplicate, and flip is simple with touch gestures.

Photo enhancing with a simple touch and numerous tools. Amazing effects for enhancing photos. A smart collection of realistic filter effects. It is the number one GO-TO iOS photo editor with more than a million filter and effect combos that makes any photo look awesome and unlike other photos edited with just a few taps. It stores all the records of information like number of caller and number dialed, date and time of every call and also provides the proper call direction of the suspected person. The app is particularly designed for all those parents who would like to protect their kids from cyberbullying or any other kind of inappropriate content. It’s obvious that the person who is working for long in the office and who know the secrets of a company can misuse it to earn the profit. Whether it’s monitoring who your kid chats with on Facebook, limiting the overall time youngsters spend on computer systems, or preventing them from accessing objectionable content, Qustodio can do it all.

Charged cell phone batteries need to wait a long time to wake up, shutdown protection function. Call Logs: Spy call cell phone app helps to monitor the call logs of your target. This section is for a handful of settings that include AirPlay, Conference Room Display, Location Services, TV Provider, and Remote App Pairing. Go into Settings on your iPad and look for the iNavX app icon. You do this in PC Settings. Has a collection of more than a million filters and effects. Customizable filters and effects to unleash your creativity. Tools and options are customizable for making it comfortable to use. This software has many useful options and benefits. Natural enhancing filters for photo and video editing which were inspired by 80 renowned photographers. Add 50 different unique fonts to your photo or video. There are more than hundred fonts to add text to the photo. It would feature a dual lens setup that will help the iphone capture more lights with optical zoom camera capability in place of digital lens.

In such a scenario, the app development company will take over launching the app in the various app stores and its marketing too. Trusted by over 1 million parents! Designed to help schools reach families by whatever communication method they prefer, this app allows parents to check and respond to messages and stay on top of school and classroom activities. This app allows you to edit like a pro even if you are with negligible knowledge about photo editing. Selects filters or effects and allows you to compare the same photo with different effects and filters. Photo editor comes with unlimited editing possibilities where you can apply lots of enhancements and effects. You can avail ten different offers in-app purchases. There is a total of ten different offers in-app purchases. You will get ten different offers in-app purchase with a very negligible amount. These programs are very powerful and will enable you to spy on a mobile device much like any government or private investigator might and should be used only for legal purposes. The auto-enhance tools, layer support, curve tools, the local adjustment will be highly acceptable by the amateurs.

Local adjustment tools and a complete set of masking. No critical adjustment as there is plenty of pre-set setup for enhancing photo beauty. thetechtip and stunning face beauty enhancing tools. Sking glowing tools for enhancing beauty. Pollar is the photo editing tools for all even if you are new to photography or a pro. It has thousands of photo editing features. SpyMyFone provides a collection of powerful features to help you control and monitor your kids phone and view all of its online and offline activities. Drawing and painting features. Use and share your own created and customized filters. Edit and share images by Photo Remix option. Saves images in JPG (opaque) and PNG (transparent) format. It’s much easier to keep tabs on any online activity when the computer is located in a high-traffic zone than if your child is using a computer in the privacy of her own room.